Adopt4Life—Ontario’s Adoptive Parent Association, is a community of people with lived experience of adoption, that strengthens and empowers parents to achieve permanency for children so that they reach their full potential.


We believe that all adoptive, kin, and customary care parents have a right to advocacy, support and guidance throughout their lifelong journey.



Adopt4Life would like to thank the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services for investing in permanency for adoptive families and understanding the critical importance of Parent2Parent Support. We are truly #strongertogether

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Children who have experienced trauma and loss at an early age are greatly at risk for the effects and impacts of Developmental Trauma. During the month of November starting next week, please join Adopt4Life as we share resources, articles, and blogs to develop a greater understanding of trauma’s affect on children and their parents/caregivers. We are #StrongerTogether. 


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Our recorded webinars are now archived, available for viewing on our Youtube Channel, with the exception of some exclusive webinars that need a request to access.


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Adopt4Life, Ontario’s Adoptive Parents Association, is excited to recognize individuals and families touched by FASD, with a campaign that provides information and resources, and offers stories, experiences, from a variety of perspectives, with a focus on adoptive, kin, and customary care families.

Throughout September 2018, Adopt4life will feature blogs, articles, stories, and videos from individuals with FASD, adoptive parents and families, educators, and service providers, exploring the complexities, challenges, and strengths of individuals with FASD, and the people and communities around them.