Post Adoption Depression Syndrome


What is Post Adoption Depression: 
Post Adoption Depression Syndrome (PADS) has long been a real and serious problem in the adoption community. The term Post Adoption Depression was coined in 1995 by June Bond, an adoption advocate, in an article in Roots and Wings magazine. This article gave a label to the
stress, anxiety and depression that many parents experience following adoption. PADS can affect both women and men. It can affect parents adopting through any type of adoption – public, private, international, customary care or kinship. PADS is not yet a formally recognized syndrome in the therapeutic or medical community, and there is a general lack of knowledge about this important struggle that adoptive parents may be facing.

For more information on PADS, please review Adopt4Life's tipsheet with information and resources. 



My Journey with Post Adoption Depression

You can seek help from a medical professional, mental health professional, your adoption community family or friends. Even though I can honestly say it was the most isolating time in my life, I know now that I am not alone--and neither are you. See More...

Not Just the blues: Coping with Post Adoption Depression

We need to be aware that social communities like Adopt4Life exist and can be there to normalize the journey and provide meaningful social interactions. We also need to see Post Adoption Depression added to the PRIDE curriculum in Ontario. See more...

The Self Care Menu

Some of you may be shifting uncomfortably in your chair, others may be laughing and thinking self care–who has time for that? If you felt this way–don’t worry, I have been there as well. See more..



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Karen J. Foli and John R. Thompson