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Adopt4Life is Ontario’s voice for adoptive parents. We believe that all adoptive families have a right to advocacy, support and guidance throughout their lifelong journey. 



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Awaiting Parents can connect with other awaiting parents who are sharing a similar journey through our private Facebook group – Share your wait, your struggles and your joy when that phone call comes!

Once a match has been made, we can help you plan the transition, connect with a mentor, or a buddy, to ensure you are well supported.




Adoptive Parents enter your Adoption Community Family! You gain access to one of our Parent Liaison who will contact you to perform an in-depth intake, with your permission of course! This allows you to share your story and helps us figure out how we can better support you! If you want, Adopt4Life can also match you with a buddy who has experience(s) similar to your journey and can provide tips, tools and a supportive ear, so you are not alone.

You will also be invited to join our province-wide private Facebook group for adoptive parents; a nice way to connect and share experiences and support(s).


As parents, we all know that raising children is difficult – in fact we say that we need a Village to raise a child, well, through adoption we need more then a village, we need our adoptive community. 


Greater community

Who can join? Anyone touched by adoption, including those contemplating adoption or in the process to adopt, adoptees, birth parents, foster children who are en route to being adopted, foster parents, adoptive families who have experienced breakdown, adoption professionals, and adoptive families which includes: public, private international, kin care, customary care and moral adoption.

 As a member, you will also have access to Adopt4Life Ontario’s newsletter, which will keep you in the loop and connected.

BECOMING A MEMBER IS FREE – as it should always be when you join into your family. At least, that’s the way we see it!

 Adopt4Life is Ontario’s voice for adoptive families. We believe that all adoptive families have a right to advocacy, support and guidance throughout their lifelong journey.

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