Morning movie inspiration

I’m having a profound morning and it’s only 612am.

My husband had to be up at 430 this morning to head to a work event. And of course, I end up awake in bed, not able to go back to sleep. So I turned on Netflix and came across PS I love you. I’ve seen the movie a bunch of times but can never get enough of it.

There is a scene in the movie where the main character Holly (a recent widow) goes to Ireland. This was a trip planned by her late spouse.  He writes her a letter and wants her and her friends to go fishing. While on the boat, the engine stops working and they are in the middle of nowhere on the lake.

These three women on the boat look like sitting ducks in a row. Then all of a sudden Hollys two friends blurt out that they are either getting married or having a baby. Holly sits there in silence – dealing with her own loss and not sure how to cope. Breaks my heart every time I watch it.


Being in this waiting period, I often feel like Holly. I am excited for the day where I can share news like this and share in others happiness without feeling loss. But for now, it is very challenging for me. I am always happy for others but it leaves an empty feeling inside.

Waiting for our happy ending :)

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