Home4EveryKid: Press Release

Adopt4Life will once again highlight adoption stories throughout the month with their social media outreach campaign #AHome4EveryKid

Throughout November, Ontario’s Adoptive Parent Association will support Adoption Awareness Month with stories from families that speak to how Ontario’s adoption system is working and how it can be improved.

Toronto, Ontario, November 1st, 2015 – Adopt4Life, Ontario’s non-profit Adoptive Parents Association, announced their 2nd annual #AHome4EveryKid outreach campaign through social media channels.  Coinciding with National Adoption Month, the awareness campaign will highlight adoptive parents’ endorsement and recommendations for improvements to the adoption process for families in Ontario, whether seeking adoption privately, internationally or publicly. 

We, much like how the Adoption Council of Canada is highlighting through their upcoming Urgency Around Permanency Summit, believe it is urgent that we come together as a country and as a province to ensure #AHome4EveryKid

In November 2015, Adopt4Life will share personal stories of families in Ontario who have been waiting to be matched and/or bring their child(ren) home. The stories will be posted on Adopt4Life’s websiteFacebook and Twitterchannels using the hashtag #AHome4EveryKid.


“The provincial government has made recent commitments that will result in meaningful post adoption supports and training for Ontario’s families formed by adoption, particularly for children in or from care” says Julie Despaties, Founder of Adopt4Life. “While we celebrate and commend the impending implementation of these important and urgent programs and initiatives, our members want to ensure all families formed by adoption, including those through international and private adoption, have the supports they need to complete their families, bring home their children, and thrive once they are together.”

The first story to be posted on the Adopt4Life website under the campaign #AHome4EveryKid will be on November 2nd, 2015. It tells of a family that has adopted their sons internationally from Ethiopia and are in the process of trying to bring their 2nd son home. The frustration and concern is felt for this family whose youngest son’s adoption has been finalized but yet he has remained in an orphanage for months because of processing delays with Canadian immigration. Sadly their story is not unique. Adopt4Life believes Ontario can do better.

The Adopt4Life website will feature awaiting adoptive families’ stories throughout the month. Note that all pseudonyms when used are identified to protect the requested privacy of individuals.

Adopt4Life is Ontario’s voice for adoptive families. We believe that all adoptive families have a right to advocacy, support, and guidance throughout their lifelong journey. Inclusive of ALL Ontario adoptive parents, including: public, private, international, kin care, customary care and moral adoption. Adopt4Life is an active partner in Ontario when it comes to forming families through adoption: Every Child deserves a 4ever home. Find out more at www.Adopt4Life.com.