Carolyn Mcleod | Chair of the Board

Carolyn and her partner, Andrew, adopted two boys internationally, aged three and five at the time. A professor of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, Carolyn focuses on the ethics of assisted reproduction and adoption in her research. She co-edited the book Family-Making: Contemporary Ethical Challenges (Oxford University Press, 2014) and was an invited participant at the International Forum on Inter-country Adoption and Global Surrogacy, in The Hague, Netherlands.

Contact: chair@adopt4life.com


Stephen Weir | Secretary

Stephen and his wife, Wendy, are new parents to three-year old twin boys. Stephen has worked with Children’s Aid Society and Jewish Family and Child, and he found tremendous support in online and offline communities, to help him on his parenting journey. He believes in the power of community and organized advocacy and hopes to advance both these causes through his work with Adopt4Life. Professionally, Stephen is Vice President of Brand Development at boutique branding agency, Trajectory. His work is focused primarily on the not-for-profit, public and higher-education sectors.

Contact: secretary@adopt4life.com


Lisa Cameron | Treasurer

Lisa grew up with a brother who was adopted and is now the proud mother of two energetic boys, one of whom was adopted internationally. She is passionate about ensuring all adoptive families have access to the supports they need, since peer support was so important to her on her adoption journey. A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA,CA), Lisa has more than 20 years experience, notably in the education and healthcare industries.

Contact: treasurer@adopt4life.com



Advocacy Committee

Advises the Board on advocacy best practices and ensures Adopt4Life is a strong and credible voice for the adoption and kin and customary care community.

Chair: Melissa Pierre-Sossoyan

Melissa graduated from Concordia University in Political Science and Public Administration and has held roles in government, politics, banking and insurance. Melissa and her husband adopted their two sons, when the boys were infants, through the Children’s Aid Society. As the mother of a multicultural and multilingual family, Melissa is passionate about supporting interracial families, francophone families and parents adopting children from a cultural minority.

Contact: AdvocacyCommittee@adopt4life.com

Judith Craig Head shot.jpeg

African-Canadian Committee

Represents the interests of the African-Canadian community at Board meetings and creates resources and events celebrating Black culture and educating African-Canadian and interracial families.

Chair: Judith Craig

An interracial adoptee from Haiti, and a mother of two, Judith was adopted into a white Canadian family in the early 1980s. As a foundling, she had no identifying information about her origins, but a strong yearning to connect with her biological family. She documented her return to Haiti, in 2007, in the film Adopted ID. It took a further 10 years—and advances in DNA testing—for Judith to reunite with her birth family. As a registered social worker, author and international speaker, Judith specializes in fostering and adoption, with a focus on interracial adoption. She is the co-founder and facilitator of the Adult Adoptee Network, a safe space for adult adoptees to share their experiences.

Contact: African-CanadianCommittee@adopt4life.com


Marketing and Communications

Participates in marketing and communications planning and provides guidance to the Board and Adopt4Life team in these areas, to raise our profile and presence in the adoption and kin and customary care communities.

Chair: Tracy Moisan

Tracy and her husband are the parents of three siblings, adopted through the Children’s Aid Society. Having experienced post-adoption issues, relating to early childhood trauma and loss, Tracy understands the critical importance of resources and supports for families. As well as sitting on our Board, she is an active member of the FASD Parent Action Group of Southeastern Ontario. Professionally, Tracy leads internal and external communications strategies for companies such as Adobe and DocuSign. She has more than 15 years experience with messaging development, market positioning, storytelling and strategic communications.

Contact: MarCommCommittee@adopt4life.com


Mental Health Committee

Represents families living with mental health challenges at Board meetings and creates resources and supports around mental wellness for our community.

Chair: Mary-Jo Land

Mary-Jo and her husband, Kevin, have five children, one of whom is adopted. For the last two decades, Mary-Jo has provided psychotherapy to children, youth and their families, with a focus on attachment, trauma and adoption. She is a past president of the Association for Training in Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh) in Minneapolis, MN. Currently, Mary-Jo works with the Adoption Council of Ontario as a facilitator for the Adoption Competency Training for professionals and Pathways 2 Permanency 2 for parents. She is also the Program Lead at THRIVE Child and Youth Trauma Service, OASIS Program, which serves newcomers and immigrants to Canada. Mary-Jo lives in Grey County, where she manages her forest and plays with her grandchildren (not often enough).

Contact: MentalHeathCommittee@adopt4life.com


Openness Committee

Represents families touched by open adoption and care arrangements at board meetings and creates resources and supports to strengthen families with varying levels of openness.

Chair: Martha Chamberlain

The mother of one adoptive child and two biological children, Martha has worked as a lawyer in the area of child protection law for 18 years. She worked for the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto for 16 years, and then was seconded to the Motherisk Commission for two years. She has since opened her own legal practice to represent children, adoptive parents and biological parents, primarily in child protection proceedings. Martha has worked with many families to facilitate and strengthen open adoptions.

Contact: OpennessCommittee@adopt4life.com


Social Committee

Reports to the Board on our community’s social needs and organizes and executes volunteer- and team-run events and activities.

Chair: Tedd Konya

Tedd is a father to two boys (biological brothers), whom he adopted from the Children’s Aid Society, with his husband Garry. The couple worked with a private adoption practitioner to become adopt-ready. Having initially struggled to find post-adoption supports, Tedd wants to ensure all new adoptive parents have a network to reach out to in times of need. Formerly a middle school science teacher in the United States, Tedd now works as a researcher at the University of Toronto.

Contact: SocialCommittee@adopt4life.com

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Strategic Policy Committee

Advises the Board on policy and legal issues to ensure Adopt4Life is informed and confident in taking action to advance legislation that supports our community.

Chair: Rachael Manion

Rachael became involved with Adopt4Life to support the Time to Attach campaign. Her life has been touched in many ways by adoption, and she brings policy and advocacy expertise to help advance issues of importance to adoption and kin and customary care. She draws on a decade of policy and legal experience, to provide insights on legislative and policy developments across the country to clients, including charities.

Contact: StrategicPolicy@adopt4life.com



Represents the interests of the LGBTQ2S+ community at Board meetings and engages in outreach to the LGBTQ2S+ community in Ontario.

Chair: Vacant

Contact: Jobs@adopt4life.com

Fundraising Committee

Develops a fundraising plan and provides guidance to the Board on potential grant opportunities.

Chair: Vacant

Contact: Jobs@adopt4life.com

Strategic Risk and Oversight

Provides professional guidance around the fiduciary and governance oversight role of the Board.

Chair: Vacant

Contact: Jobs@adopt4life.com

First Nations Métis Inuit (FNMI) Committee

Represents the interests of the FNMI community at Board meetings and engages in outreach to Ontario’s FNMI community to help families forge strong cultural connections.

Chair: Vacant

Contact: Jobs@adopt4life.com