FNMI Committee Chair

We’re looking for an FNMI Committee Chair

Name of Organization: Adopt4Life—Ontario’s Adoptive Parents Association

Location: Ontario

Organization’s Mandate: To give support, advocacy and guidance to adoptive parents and kinship and customary caregivers in Ontario.

Volunteer Position Title: First Nation Metis Inuit (FNMI) Committee Chair, Board of Directors

Volunteer Position Description: Adopt4Life is looking for an FNMI Committee Chair to sit on the Board of Directors. The person in this role is expected to represent the interests of the FNMI community at Board meetings, develop and lead the FNMI committee and engage in outreach to the FNMI community in Ontario.


The FNMI Committee Chair responsibilities include:

  • attending monthly Board teleconference meetings (except in the summer months),  

  • expanding the committee by recruiting community parents to join,

  • participating in the planning of FNMI cultural competency,

  • engaging in outreach to the FNMI communities for referrals/resources/support

  • developing provincial and national partnerships with FNMI organizations,

  • developing a resource library, for staff, community parents/caregivers and community service providers,

  • leading the committee’s efforts around creating or partnering in the creation of cultural events (Powwow, Drumming, Etc.) 

  • contributing to annual FNMI awareness campaigns, awareness day, etc.,

  • acting as a resource to provide guidance at the organizational level, as well as for the team

The successful applicant will bring professional knowledge and lived experience of the FNMI community to the discussion and decisions made by the Board.


An understanding of the effective functioning of a charitable organization and of adoption, kinship, customary care or adoption/caregiving-related issues; sensitivity to group dynamics; familiarity with the structure and process of board or committee meetings;

Should be an adoptive parent or kinship or customary caregiver, or touched by adoption, and passionate about helping people form families through adoption, kinship or customary care.

Applications: To apply for this position, please forward your resume to, and put the title “FNMI Committee Chair” in the subject line of the email.

Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per month 

For further information, contact:

Carolyn McLeod (Chair of the Board) at cmcleod2@uwo.