Board of Directors

Name of Organization: Adopt4life—Ontario’s Adoptive Parents Association

Location: Ontario

Organization's Mandate: To give support, advocacy, and guidance to adoptive parents in Ontario.

Volunteer Position Title: Secretary, Board of Directors

Volunteer Position Description: Adopt4Life is looking for a Secretary to sit on the executive of its Board of Directors. This person should be an adoptive parent or touched by adoption and be passionate about helping people form families through adoption.

The Secretary responsibilities include attending monthly Board meetings (except in the summer months) and at these meetings, ensuring there is quorum and keeping accurate minutes including records of Board attendance, motions, and decisions. The Secretary must also distribute copies of the minutes to the board promptly after meetings.  The successful applicant will bring professional and personal knowledge to the discussion and decision made by the board. As a part of the executive of the Board, the successful applicant will also bring professional and personal knowledge to discussions and decisions made by the Board.

Qualifications: Minimum of two years’ experience in administration in a paid or volunteer setting; strong organizational skills; time and ability to produce minutes in a timely manner for distribution and action by the Board; excellent note-taking, transcription, and computer literacy skills; decisive, strongly service-oriented, and flexible with the ability to compromise. 

Knowledge: An understanding of the effective functioning of a charitable organization and of adoption or adoption-related issues; sensitivity to group dynamics; familiarity with the structure and process of board or committee meetings.  

Applications: To apply for this position, please forward your resume to, and put the title “Secretary, Board of Directors” in the subject line of the email. 

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per month

For further information, contact:
Carolyn McLeod (Chair of the Board)