LGBTQ2S+ Resources

Information Sheet

English Version: Click to download

English Version: Click to download



Serving LGBTQ2S+ Children and Youth in the Child Welfare System: A Resource Guide

We are happy to share this latest resource from the MCYS which is also available in French.:


LGBTQ2S+ Facebook Group

Please visit:

This is a private Facebook group facilitated by Adopt4Life, for Adopt4Life Community Parents who identify as LGBTQ2S and who are raising children and youth who identify within the Province of Ontario.

To join this group, you need to be an adoptive parent in Ontario and a member of Adopt4Life. To become a part of our community , please go to

It is free to join and offers you opportunities to connect with other adoptive parents, as well as access to the confidential Parent2Parent support network.

We facilitate a safe space that allows our community of adoptive families to learn from one another and share their perspectives. It is important that we respect each other and our differences, and when you encounter individuals with diverse points of view that we can share and learn from each other. If you are in need of immediate support, please connect with Kathryn Connors or For the safety of your children, only non-identifying information should be provided. In all cases, information should only be shared/discussed for children directly in your care, and who do not have crown ward status. Please respect the confidentiality of all members and their stories.

Adopt4Life adheres to strict rules of confidentiality for all of our families. However, if there are reasonable grounds to believe someone is likely to harm themselves or another person (including a child under 18 years), Adopt4Life has a duty to report this information to the appropriate authorities with or without expressed consent, written or verbal. For more information on the mandated duty to report, please visit: