On behalf of adoptive families, Adopt4life, will lobby to bring awareness at the decision-making level. 

Today, adoptive parents have to fight for their children's needs to be recognized. Even when recognized, many families are not provided with the services or financial support required to help their child and family thrive.

POST-ADOPTION SUPPORT does not end at finalization; it continues throughout the child's life.

Post-Adoption Support is essential:

  • To insure that each child is welcomed into a forever home
  • To reduce risk of disruption
  • To promote child and family healing
  • To empower parents with tools and support


While waiting for their Forever Families, children with special needs often benefit from many specialized services that contribute to improve their quality of life. However, those services can be extremely costly for families to maintain once they adopt their child. Though some health plan benefits may cover some of the costs, funds run out quickly. Many families cannot afford to sustain the ongoing cost associated to helping their child gain or maintain a quality of life that is essential for them to reach their full potential.

Subsidies associated to the wellbeing of children with special needs and traumas are crucial to strengthen family bonds. Without the help of specialized support, families are left struggling with the day-to-day challenges associated with past trauma, neglect, or disabilities preventing them from maximizing their energy where it is truly needed - helping kids develop a sense of trust that will allow them to attach to their families. It is only through real attachment that our children can heal. 

Upcoming Campaign 

“ POST-ADOPTION SUPPORT & SUBSIDIES – At the heart of adoption ”

Our current fundraising effort is dedicated to the production of a video Capsule by one of Canada’s most renowned film director and producer, Andrée Cazabon.

In order to implement changes across Ontario – the urgency and necessity for Post-Adoption Support needs to be recognized. The video capsules will highlight different ways that adoptive families struggle when they are left behind after finalization without the resources required to help their child live life to their full potential.

Each finalized adoption represents, not only a forever home for a child; but it also saves the Ontario Tax payer money. By strengthening Post-Adoption Support, we promote adoption and solidify the “Forever Family” promise made each time upon placement.

Assuring that help will be there along the way, to adoptive families and providing them with subsidies when money is an issue, will help widen the door for adoption.


Gemini nominee and inspirational speaker Andrée Cazabon, recently completed her fifth film, Third World Canada, on the plight of children living on First Nations reserve.

Andrée's films have amassed over 1 million viewers on CBC- Newsworld, TVA, Canal D, Radio-Canada, and CBC Television. Her films have also prominently featured at several film festivals, including: The Vancouver Film Festival, the Sudbury film festival, the Toronto Blue Light film festival and the Yorkton Film Festival. In 2006, her documentary Wards of the crown received an award for 'Best social-political documentary' at the Golden Sheaf Awards.

Her work in her community as youth advocate has not gone unnoticed by the media either. Her work has been featured on Canada AM, the Vicky Gabreau show, and CTV. Andrée's activism also involves offering professional development through her films and speaking at a number of conferences across North America. Her professional memberships include the Documentary Organization of Canada DOC - (Ottawa- Gatineau chapter) and the Francophone FRIC - Front des réalisateurs indépents du Canada.

Andrée is also a passionate volunteer on youth-at-risk and youth in foster care projects. Championed by the Senators Foundation and the Max Keeping Foundation, She has helped raise over $360,000 for youth in care.