Honouring New Adoptive Parents

When we think of new parents, we often have an image of a newborn. For some, life surprises us with the blessing of twins or more children that are to be expected. Nonetheless, tradition is when we want to celebrate our friends and families who are becoming new parents – a baby shower is a must!

In the world of Adoption, families are often being created in various ways. Welcoming into our home and heart a child through adoption can mean a newborn, a toddler, a pre teens, and even an older teen! Sometimes it can even be a group of siblings of various age.

Just like expecting parents of an unborn child, expecting adoptive parents’ life will change. They may not be sleep deprived if they adopt an older child, but their life will be forever changed, just differently. 

Celebrating the upcoming changes by offering age appropriate gifts, or useful gifts such as more kitchenware for sibling adoption, offering promise support coupons to help with laundry, filling up their freezer with healthy homemade meals, pre-planning respite, or offering to be their speed dial contact are meaningful ways to honour the changes in the life of those we love. 

Asking the new parent-to-be how they would like to be honoured is important, they may want for the child to be present, or maybe they would prefer the celebration happens before their child moves in.