Parent2Parent Support Network

Adoptive families face unique challenges and experiences in their lifelong journeys. Through the Parent2Parent Support Network, our Provincial and Regional Parent Liaisons across Ontario work directly with adoptive parents to:

  • Provide individual parent-to-parent support

  • Identify local therapeutic, respite and other resources for parents

  • Create and enhance parent support groups

  • Pair families for ongoing support through a buddy and mentor program.

Parent2Parent supports are delivered through accessible online and social communities, as well as private, face-to-face support groups and individual meetings.


Once you're a member of Adopt4Life, one of our Provincial Parent Liaisons will initially welcome all new parents and get to know your individual needs. Regional Parent Liaisons will then work with you to offer the supports most appropriate for your family.  Those can include awareness and advocacy within your school system and community, including connecting you with local resources such as doctors, therapists, and mental health professionals who understand the unique needs of adopted children.  You'll also be introduced to our private social communities, where our members can share their similar experiences and learn from each other.  In many cases, it will be possible to match families with other adoptive families with similar situations, in informal buddy or mentor relationships, to facilitate in-person support.

All Parent Liaisons will also work collaboratively to connect parents with additional resources and adoption education programs from the Adoption Council of Ontario, Ministry of Children & Youth Services, as well as local Ontario Children’s Aid Societies.



With just a few simple steps, you can get connected to the Parent2Parent Support Network:

  1. Become a member of Adopt4Life.  It's free to join.
  2. On your membership registration, select 'Yes' to receiving Parent2Parent Support.  One of our Parent Liaisons will contact you directly.
  3. Join one of our private social communities to start immediately learning and sharing with other adoptive parents.

Meet our Parent Liaisons 

Get to know Kimberly

Kimberly is an adoptive mom to a sibling group adopted through the children’s aid. As a new adoptive mom with a less than typical adoption journey, she realized the need for support for families through the adoption process to foster permanency. 

Kimberly is a Registered Social Worker with a degree from Ryerson University. In her previous position as a Care Coordinator at the Central CCAC, her role was to assist patients and their families in coordinating home/community supports to reach patient goals. Kimberly is used to working with diverse populations, including children, adults and seniors, with varying needs and cultural backgrounds. Kimberly is a dedicated and committed individual who focuses on the importance of advocacy and equity of supports for all.  

Kimberly is a current blogger for Adopt4Life and on her blog at

Kimberly is our full time Provincial Parent Liaison (PPL)

She can be reached by email or by phone: 1.888.274.6222

Get to know Erin

Erin is a mother to three boys, two of whom joined their family by adoption through Children’s Aid and privately. Erin and her husband have strongly advocated for post adoption services and support for their youngest boys and continue to do so. Having a network of support, resources and contacts through a local support group has made all the difference for their family. Experiencing firsthand the value of early intervention, peer support and knowledge exchange, Erin knows this is important for all adoptive families and their children.

Erin has been active in understanding issues surrounding adoption, including attachment and trauma. She has lived experience with toddler and infant adoption, varying degrees of openness, transitioning from care, adoption outside local CAS, attachment parenting, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), parenting a child with special needs (separation anxiety, apraxia (speech motor planning), sensory processing disorder (SPD), the importance of early intervention, and advocating in the school system for services and supports. As well, when their youngest son joined their family as an infant Erin induced lactation and is now a part of an online community supporting others seeking to breastfeed without birthing. Erin also assisted in forming a local youth group that has been running since Fall 2013.

Erin is our Assistant Executive Director and also a Provincial Parent Liaison (PPL)

She can be reached by email or by phone: 888.274.6222

Get to know Heather

Heather has years of knowledge and experience as an adoptive and foster parent. She and her husband have 3 beautiful children and are currently fostering children ages 0-3. They are also kin parents and have one heart child who is 22yrs old. Given their experience, they have been chosen to mentor through a program called Wraparound for children leaving care. 

Having spent years learning about issues surrounding adoption and fostering (attachment, trauma, safeguarding, lifebooks, FASD and more), Heather now uses her knowledge gained to facilitate an adoptive parent support group, KW Adopts, and as a PRIDE trainer. Heather is also on the Board of Directors for her foster family association and is an active member of various focus groups and committees. Always seeking to make a difference for adoptive families’ journeys, Heather has become sought after for speaking engagements on the topics of openness and transitions. She has also obtained certification in Critical Incident Management and is a Level 2 Advocate. 

Heather is one of our Regional Parent Liaisons (RPL) for the Kitchener-Waterloo Region

 She can be reached by email : or by phone 888.274.6222

Get to know Lesli

Lesli is a proud mother of 8 children; 4 by birth and 4 who grew in her heart. Lesli and her husband, Jeff, have been foster parents for over 15yrs and she has spent more than 10yrs working in child and youth mental health. Her passion makes her a strong advocate for youth in and out of care. She is the co-founder and executive director of Wraparound families, which seeks to find families and support within communities for youth who are moving on to independent living or have aged out of foster care.  Leslie's involvement in the First Nations community and her passion for helping families who have adopted First Nations children learn more about their child's heritage are of critical importance for her, including helping adoptive families connect with their First Nations community.  Lesli is also a PRIDE co-facilitator and continuously attends training related to addictions, attachment, trauma, FASD, advanced facilitation and more.  

Lesli strongly encourages having a good support system, as she is very thankful for her church and aboriginal communities who have been a constant source of support for her family.

Leslie is one of our Regional Parent Liaisons (RPL) for the Kitchener-Waterloo Region

 She can be reached by email : or by phone 888.274.6222

Get to know Lauri

Lauri is both a biological and adoptive mom.  She has two teenage sons and a nine year old daughter who, at age two, travelled from Kazakhstan to join her new family.  After a long career in human resource management and conflict resolution, Lauri returned to her studies where she focused on how to increase capacity and outcomes for children who suffer early trauma.  She recently completed her M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology.  She considers that her eight month placement at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa was invaluable in giving her the practical knowledge she needs to be an effective and passionate advocate for children and their families. 

Lauri is one of our Regional Parent Liaisons for the Ottawa region.

She can be reached by email or by phone 888.274.6222