February 16th is Family Day

A day we take a break from our work to reflect on the importance of family and hopefully enjoy some precious extra time with our family members. ACO has built a campaign around this event and we hope you will join us. We have created a special button that you can wear to show that you believe in the importance of family!










Buy a Button

One for $12 OR Two for $20



The message of this button is simple – Family Forever. The ACO Network of Adopted and Foster Youth created the design of the pin. They chose the Infinity sign because it fit with their belief that adoption gives them a family forever but as this symbol has ‘no beginning and no end’ it can also represent the importance of their birth family. They said this is what ‘family’ really means – what every child needs.


Show Your Friends and Family!

For the month of February, change your profile picture or cover photo to show that you believe in the power of family! We’ve already made them for you! Click here to see the images.You can also take a picture of you wearing your button and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter! While you’re at it – tell us what family means to you, or what you will be doing on February 16th.


Join our Family

Family has the greatest impact on a child’s health, well-being and potential for success. Family is the number one need for almost 7,000 Ontario Crown Wards, who are at risk of leaving government care without a family to support them.

Join Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO) and Adopt4Life (A4L) to meet this need by collectively working together to achieve our goal of:

Every Child in Ontario will leave foster care with a family
- birth, kin, adoption, guardianship-
and services will wrap around the family to support them on their
lifelong journey.

Become a Member – Join our family, help us to achieve our goal and we’ll send you 2 pins that you can wear to show that YOU BELIEVE in the importance of family – for every child and youth.