Mission Statement:

Adopt4Life - Ontario’s Adoptive Parent Association, is a community of people with lived experience of adoption, that strengthens and empowers parents to achieve permanency for children so that they reach their full potential.


Vision Statement:

We believe that all adoptive parents have a right to advocacy,
support and guidance throughout their lifelong journey. 


Adopt4Life Goals



Adopt4Life’s priorities and initiatives fall under three main areas:



Develop and maintain a locally and culturally representative Parent2Parent Support Network for parents & youth, offering parents group and individualized support for their needs. Individualized support includes developing transition plans at various points in the adoption journey, such as at placement, to school, to a new community, through divorce, or the addition of a new sibling, or to provide advocacy with CAS, school, or mental health services.


As adoptive parents, we bring the needs and priorities of adoptive families to forefront of community and political arenas by representing adoptive families at key political and community meetings and doing outreach with stakeholders and decision makers. We are Ontario’s voice for adoptive families seeking to be a part of positive change.


Research and create partnerships with local organizations and agencies in order to link families with needed connections and resources, helping them along their journey so their children can reach their full potential.