Our Parent2Parent network allows adoptive parents and kinship or customary caregivers to connect with and support one another. It all starts with an intake call with your Regional Parent Liaison to determine your needs and how we can help. Throughout your adoption journey, you can also connect with your regional parent liaison for:

  • Advice on local resources

  • One-on-one support for urgent situations

  • Information about joining our special-focus online support groups

  • Details of our virtual and in-person meet-ups

  • Advocacy (at meetings with school administrators, the Children’s Aid Society, or medical professionals)

  • Buddy and mentor matching


Do I Need a Buddy or a Mentor?

We can match you with a mentor—a community parent further along on their adoption journey—if you’re experiencing new challenges or transitioning a child or children into your home. We can also match you with a buddy whose family situation resembles yours, in ways that you identify as important. Buddies offer one another mutual support, whether that means meeting for coffee and a chat in person or texting at the end of a challenging day. Interested in becoming a mentor or a buddy? Contact your Regional Parent Liaison or e-mail us at: info@adopt4life.com.


Support Groups

  1. Join our community. It's free to join.

  2. On your membership registration, select 'Yes' to receiving Parent2Parent Support. One of our Parent Liaisons will contact you directly.

  3. Join one of our private social communities to start immediately learning and sharing with other adoptive parents.


Join Our Online Communities

To learn more about our Parent2Parent online and Face-to-Face support groups, please explore these links:

Private group for adopt-ready parents in Ontario

Private group for adopt-ready parents in Ontario

Private group for awaiting parents in Ontario

Private group for awaiting parents in Ontario


Meet Our Team

Get to know our Regional Parent Liaisons on Our Team page.