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Adopt4Life Presents: The Power of Knowing Who You Are with Lori Campbell

Lori Campbell was apprehended from an Indigenous mother, held in foster care, and adopted at the age of two where she moved to rural Saskatchewan and grew up with a non-Indigenous family. Imagine searching for 25 years for your birthmother, only to discover that you were not alone, but were in fact the eldest sibling of 8 children. Covered extensively by national media, Lori’s story echoes the journey of thousands Indigenous adults who were taken shortly after birth, in Canada's '60’s Scoop Era.' Lori’s incredible journey of self-discovery inspires her listeners while stimulating compassion and strengthening reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

his a free event for community members of Adopt4Life. If you are not yet part of our community, please click here to join.

Lori will be in-person at our Kitchener-Waterloo Supper and Support and the webinar will be live on Zoom so members can also attend remotely or join our RPLs in London. Please note that there are only 100 tickets available. To register, please visit: