Our private Facebook groups allow parents and permanent caregivers to check in at any time of day or night, to ask questions, share experiences, offer advice and celebrate successes. It feels good to be on your parenting journey with people who just get it.

After registering with Adopt4Life, you can request to be added to the following closed Facebook groups. Those groups marked with an asterisk also offer monthly virtual support groups via videoconferencing. Find dates and registrations details for upcoming online meet-ups on each group’s Facebook page.


Beginning the Journey

If you’re contemplating adoption and want to find out more and speak with other individuals and couples considering this path, this group is for you. You can discuss topics like different paths to adopting, how to share your adoption plans with loved ones, special needs and how to determine the age range or number of children you hope to be matched with.


*Waiting for our Children

When you’ve completed your SAFE homestudy and PRIDE training, the next step is waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s good to have company! Another large and active group, this is a place where you can talk with peers about everything from making the right match to navigating visits to transitioning your newest family member into your home.


Raising our children

Whether you grew your family though public, private, international or moral adoption—or through a kinship or customary care agreement—the support of peers can help you navigate the day-to-day challenges of parenting. This is our largest and most active group, where you can connect at any time of day or night with other parents and permanent caregivers.


*Kinship Caregivers

When a child from your extended family or community is placed with you, some of the challenges you may experience are unique. In this private group, you can share your experiences with peers about topics such as securing financial and therapeutic supports, navigating sensitive family dynamics and culturally connected parenting.

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*Single Parents

You may be a solo parent by choice or by circumstance, but you won’t be going it alone in this private group of single adoptive parents. Share resourceful solutions and bounce ideas off other knowledgeable and experienced single parents. No need to book child care, single parents who know exactly what it’s like, are just a mouse click away.



Whether you or your partner identify as LGBTQ2S+ or your child is exploring their sexual orientation or gender identity, this group is a safe and supportive place to talk, ask questions, learn and share.

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*FNMI Cultural Connections

Parents and permanent caregivers of children of First Nations Métis and Inuit (FNMI) heritage can join this group to ask questions and share their experiences and knowledge. This is a respectful place, where topics including cultural connectedness, customary care, and nurturing a child’s sense of identity and belonging are discussed.

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*Interracial/Transracial Families

When you adopt a child whose cultural heritage is different from yours, you become an interracial family. Community parents in this group are extra mindful of issues such as identity and cultural connectedness, sense of belonging, inclusiveness and dealing with racism.

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Parent Adoption Professionals

To keep comfortable boundaries for all of our community, this group was created for adoption professionals, such as social workers and therapists, who are also adoptive parents.

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*Strengthening Open Adoptions

Openness with first family members, such as birth parents, grandparents and siblings—as well as with former caregivers—is increasingly the norm in adoption. This group discusses the benefits and practicalities, as well as how to handle challenges with sensitivity and the best interests of a child in mind.


*Dads’ Zone

For the fathers in Adopt4Life, this is a safe place to talk about the highs and lows of your adoption journey with other dads. Discussions around everything from defining your role, to supporting and asking for support from your spouse, to asking for outside help at challenging times.


Healing Together

Grieving parents find one another in this group, along with peers who have gone through adoption disruption, or begun visits or a foster-to-adopt placement that has not ended in permanency. This is a safe place to feel heard, process your experiences and work through painful emotions.