Julie Despaties

Julie Despaties

Julie has always advocated for those who sought to have their voice heard and needs supported. After fifteen years of non-profit advocacy work with various groups, Julie started her family. From a young age, Julie always felt her true mission in life would reveal itself through her children. So it comes as no surprise that after she adopted a sibling group of three older children, she found her true calling.

As a new adoptive mom, Julie soon realized that much was needed to solidify the Ontario Adoptive Community and she has now dedicated herself and her career to creating positive changes for Adoptive Families. 

By forming Adopt4Life - The Ontario Adoptive Parents' Association, we are empowering our community, offering support and providing a unified voice so that our families needs will be heard. Together, we can bring effective change in policies that will allow adoptive parents to help our families and children to thrive. 

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Christen Shepherd  Lisa Highfield  

Christen Shepherd

Lisa Highfield  

Co-authors of The Promise, Lisa Highfield and Christen Shepherd (a child and youth counsellor, and an adoptive mother, respectively), have vast experience in adoption and working with traumatized children. As Advocates of Adopt4Life, they believe deeply in the need for stable, loving homes for children, and offer insight and support to adoptive families.







Making sure you take all the right steps to get everything in place beforehand, can make the transition smoother. We, at Adopt4Life, can help you know what to expect and help guide you through the transition process. We can even help you come up with a few plan B – so you are never left without options!