what people said about us


Adopt4Life gives adoptive parents a way to connect to each other for a whole new level of support. People who understand the struggles, the strains and the triumphs. Thank you for having a place to feel "Normal"

Mira Iryna Gallaway



" I am very impressed by the dedication of Julie and her amazing group of committed Advisory Committee of adoptive parents, waiting parents, foster parents and families beginning the adoption/fostering journey.  Adopt4life members have awareness and sensitivity regarding complex pre-and post-adoption issues, which will be a great help and resource to the adults of the adoption constellation.  Most important Adopt4Life will likely encourage families to consider adoption of children of all ages, and Adopt4Life will assist more children to live happily in forever families."

Jackie Poplack, MSW, RSW - Adoption Practitioner



 “What a difference it would have made to have an organization like this when my husband and I were adopting. Speaking 30 years later, I say there can never be enough support of all kinds -- financial, emotional, psychological -- in the case of "Older placements" for the most part. And I can't imagine a more appropriate facilitator for such concepts than Julie Despaties. She has a depth and breadth of experience and insight greater than most people I've known.”

Pat Dixon



“I am excited to be part of the Adopt4Llife and look forward to watching this new agency grow. “




Adopt4life is a great organization that have special people who believe in what they are doing. Everyone is passionate about adoption and working together to make it a seem less process to adopt. Every child deserves a forever home!!!!

" So proud of Adopt4Life ♥ Much needed, and the difference that has been needed in Ontario for so long. All potential and current adoptive parents should join the community; this also includes those who are curious about adoption. This is the support that you need. "

Cheyanne Ratnam



“Julie is so passionate about supporting adoptive families. Her compassion and drive to help makes her unstoppable. I am a member of Adopt4life and am looking forward to see how adoption support improves.”

Lisa Highfield - Healing Hearts



“Excited to finally have an Adoptive Parent Association and can't think of anyone better to spearhead it than Julie, whose passion and commitment to supporting adoptive families is contagious and inspirational. Looking forward to seeing it grow into a strong and unified voice for adoptive parents in Ontario.”

Erin Ingard Rau



“Excellent Resource ! Julie and her team are truly devoted to helping the children and fellow adoptive parents move towards much needed change in our system. While also providing a venue to connect with others and share support, encouragement, and advice.”

Jennifer Carter-Pengelly



“It's amazing to have a place to go to when you need someone to understand what your going through and to help you find the resources you need as an adoptive parent. We were so happy to meet Julie today and we hope to help support her and this program for years to come!”

Lorraine Willia



“Adopt4life gives me hope as a new adoptive parent. Having an Association that allows struggling parents to connect with other parents has tremendous value. Julie is so resourceful and dedicated to support parents. I can only believe that Adopt4Life will grow and meet its mandate.”

Brigitte Nadeau