Moving A lot = Lack of Permanent Relationships

Permanency means a lot to everyone but as a youth in care is means a permanent home when you do not have to move around a lot. A lot of youth in care do not experience permanency while in care and are moved at the sign of trouble and that is what happens a lot. When we move it makes it hard to form relationships and to trust people because it makes us feel as though no one wants us or that we are not good enough.

All we want is a loving home that will treat us like part of the family or someone to call when you are having a bad day, or even to go on holidays. For me I was not given the opportunity to have that and now I spend every holiday alone and every bad day writing and personally I have moved so many times that I barely have any friends or people to talk to and that takes a toll.

I believe that permanency is important because it gives us somewhere permanent where we can unpack our stuff and not be afraid that if there is a disagreement that we will be moved.

In conclusion we want a place where we are loved and cared for and have somewhere to go for the holidays.