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Adopt4Life Presents: Interracial Adoption—Supporting Your Child’s Mental Wellness

Please join Adopt4Life & Panel Members:

Mary Jo Land, Registered Psychotherapist

Princess, Mary Jo’s daughter

Judith Craig, Interracial Adoptee and Social Worker, Chair of the African-Canadian Committee, Adopt4Life

Heidi Payne, Regional Parent Liaison, Adopt4Life; Parent of a Transracial Adoptee

Hosted by Valerie Howes, Community Parent Liaison, Adopt4Life

Recent studies highlight how important it is to support the mental wellness of interracial/transracial adoptees, as their needs evolve throughout the adoption journey. In this webinar, we’ll discuss topics unique to families formed through interracial adoption, to help children transition into their home and grow up with a healthy connection to their first culture, strong attachments to their adoptive family, and a positive self image. We will discuss:

  • Your child’s developing identity

  • How to deal with an unknown medical history

  • Racism

  • The impact of early trauma due to civil unrest and war

  • Maintaining connections to your child’s country of birth

  • Honouring your child’s heritage

  • Melding cultures

  • Strategies and resources for supporting your child’s mental health

This live interactive webinar will be beneficial for adoptive parents, kin and customary caregivers, awaiting parents, and adoption professionals.