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Adopt4Life Presents: Time to Attach: Join us in advocating for longer parental leave

In Canada, biological parents are entitled to a longer parental leave than adoptive parents, and kin and customary caregivers. But the research shows our children need more time to attach. Adopt4Life and Western University are advocating for 15 more weeks of attachment leave for new families formed through adoption and kinship or customary care arrangements. Learn about our #timetoattach campaign and how we can bring about change together.


Carolyn McLeod, Professor, Departments of Philosophy and Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, Western University; and Chair, Board of Directors, Adopt4Life

Cathy Murphy, Executive Director, Adoption Council of Canada

Mary-Jo Land, Registered Psychotherapist; Chair, Mental Health Committee, Adopt4Life; and Advisor on Attachment, Time to Attach group

Rachael Manion, Strategic Policy Committee Chair, Adopt4Life

Julie Despaties, Founder and Executive Director, Adopt4Life

Erin Ingard Rau, Associate Director, Adopt4Life

Sarah Reid, Team Lead/Community Engager From Adoptive Families Association of BC

Samantha McRorie*, Youth Speak Out Program Coordinator & Administrative Support From Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan

Suzanne Kingston, Executive Director, New Brunswick Adoption Foundation/Fondation du Nouveau-Brunswick pour l’adoption

Emily Cichocki, PhD Candidate, Philosophy, Western

Hosted by Valerie Howes, Community Engagement Liaison, Adopt4Life

View the full webinar recording below!