Meet Our Team

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Julie | Founder and Executive Director

Julie has been a passionate advocate for those who sought to have their voices heard and their needs supported, through her 20+ years of nonprofit advocacy work.  Her commitment to ensuring strong supports for children and youth grew through her own journey to parenthood after she and her husband adopted a sibling group of three older children.  Julie soon realized that much was needed to strengthen the Ontario adoptive community with the goal to support permanency for children and youth through stronger families. In forming Adopt4Life, Ontario’s Adoptive Parents’ Association, Julie empowered the community and offered support, and now creates a unified voice for adoptive families so that parents, caregivers, and children can thrive.

Julie’s vision for Adopt4Life has developed from an idea into a growing provincial network that delivers Parent2Parent support, helping to achieve permanency for children joining their families through public, private, and international adoption, as well as kinship and customary care. Julie, along with the Adopt4Life team, have formed collaborative relationships with many Children’s Aid Society agencies across the province, as well as with organizational partners including the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS), Office of the Children’s Lawyer, and the Adoption Council of Canada.

Being a changemaker is at Julie’s core. Creating awareness to the permanency needs of children touched by adoption particularly those with a history in care has been a significant part of her focus with Adopt4Life. She was an influential voice in providing recommendations and input to the new Child, Youth, and Family Services Act (Ontario, 2017); participated in the work of the Motherisk Commission where she advocated directly for impacted adoptive families; and was an engaged member of the Ministry of Children and Youth Working Group on Child and Family Wellbeing (2017). As a member of that group, Julie helped to guide the implementation of new legislation with the objective to strengthen the child welfare system to better protect and care for some of Ontario’s most vulnerable young people.

She can be reached at or by phone, toll free at 1888 274 6222, 101.


Erin | Associate Director

Erin is a mother to three boys, two of whom joined their family by adoption through Children’s Aid and privately. Erin and her husband have strongly advocated for post adoption services and support for their youngest boys and continue to do so. Having a network of support, resources and contacts through a local peer support group made a significant difference for their family. Experiencing firsthand the value of early intervention, peer support and knowledge exchange, Erin knows this is important for all adoptive families and their children.

Even before becoming a parent through adoption, Erin was active in learning about issues surrounding adoption, including attachment and trauma. She has lived experience with toddler and infant adoption, varying degrees of openness, transitioning from care, adoption outside a local CAS, attachment parenting, reactive attachment disorder, parenting a child with special needs, the importance of early intervention, and advocating in the school system for services and supports. As well, when their youngest son joined their family as an infant Erin induced lactation and is now a part of an online community supporting others seeking to breastfeed without birthing. Erin also assisted in forming a local youth group that has been running since Fall 2013.

Professionally, Erin is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a Bachelor of Education degree from OISE at the University of Toronto.  She is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) and has a Masters in Business Administration. Erin has been very involved in the development of Adopt4Life’s Parent2Parent Support Network and is thrilled to see it grow province-wide for the benefit of all adoptive families and children in need of permanency in Ontario.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888 274 6222, 103.


Joy | Policy and Knowledge Lead

Joy is a parent of three children, adopted as a sibling group at ages one, two, and three. For two decades, Joy has practiced occupational therapy, first in adolescent mental health, and now in community-based services to individuals experiencing the effects of injury.

Through her occupational therapy career and parenting journey, Joy has maintained a focus on promoting connection, validation, adaptation, identity, and hope. Since becoming a parent through adoption she has pursued ongoing learning opportunities addressing these issues, including ACT (An Adoption and Permanency Curriculum for Child Welfare & Mental Health Professionals). Joy has particular interests in trauma and trauma-informed communities, connected parenting, pre-natal substance exposure/FASD, trans-racial and First Nations adoption, and sibling adoption. It is Joy’s desire for individuals, families, and systems to experience barrier-free and timely access to preventative and responsive supports, strategies, and opportunities in order to meet their needs and promote well-being

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888.274.6222, 113.


Kathryn | Team Lead & Openness Specialist

Kathryn is an adoptive mom to 3 young children as well as a child of an adoptee. Two of her children biological siblings, adopted through the Children’s Aid Society. All three of her children were adopted through the Foster-to-Adopt program. Through her unique adoption experience, Kathryn and her husband have embraced the various levels of openness including experience with openness orders, mediation, openness agreements and closed adoptions. Kathryn also has experience in special needs and complex needs adoption as two of her children have multiple diagnoses.

Kathryn holds a Master’s Degree in Critical Disability Studies as well as a Bachelor of Social Work. Her previous work experience includes supporting families of children with special needs and providing crisis intervention to young adults with developmental disabilities. She is also certified as a Triple P–Stepping Stones instructor and a Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) facilitator as well as in ACT (An Adoption and Permanency Curriculum for Child Welfare & Mental Health Professionals). Kathryn has extensive experience in supporting families who have children with special needs including funding, respite, school support and resource allocation. It is through her personal and professional journey, that she developed an in-depth understanding and focus on the advocacy of children and their families.

Kathryn is both our Openness Specialist as well as the Team Lead for the West, North and East Regions.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at1888 274 6222, 102


Valerie | Community Engagement Liaison

Valerie is a mother of two; her eldest child is grown up and her youngest is a teenager, who joined the family through adoption at the age of 15. She is a single mother and her family is bi-racial.

As a freelance writer and the former Special Needs Editor at Today’s Parent, Valerie has written and edited dozens of stories on adoption and parenting topics, including: attachment, openness, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder, complex trauma, mental health, Indigenous parenting and grief and loss. She has also produced videos about parenting kids with autism, Down syndrome and sensory sensitivities as well as editing e-books to help parents raising kids with autism, ADHD and cerebral palsy. Her National Magazine Award-winning work has appeared in publications such as Globe and Mail, National Post, Reader’s Digest, The Guardian (UK), Toronto Life, Toronto Star, Chatelaine and Canadian Living.

A big believer in connecting people and creating supportive communities, Valerie recently founded and ran a sponsorship group to support a Syrian family during their first two years in Canada. She also sits on the board of the Amy Project, a barrier-free performing arts mentorship program for girls and non-binary youth. In her spare time she fosters dogs and volunteers for the Toronto rescue organization Redemption Paws.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888 274 6222, 106.


Regional Parent Liaisons

Kitchener-Waterloo Region


Heather | Kitchener-Waterloo RPL

Heather has years of knowledge and experience as an adoptive and foster parent. She and her husband have 3 beautiful children and are currently fostering children ages 0-3. They are also kin parents and have one heart child who is 22 years old. Given their experience, they have been chosen to mentor through a program called Wraparound for children leaving care. 

Having spent years learning about issues surrounding adoption and fostering (attachment, trauma, safeguarding, lifebooks, FASD and more), Heather now uses her knowledge gained to facilitate an adoptive parent support group, KW Adopts, and as a PRIDE trainer. Heather is also on the Board of Directors for her foster family association and is an active member of various focus groups and committees. Always seeking to make a difference for adoptive families’ journeys, Heather has become sought after for speaking engagements on the topics of openness and transitions. She has also obtained certification in Critical Incident Management and is trained in advocacy.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888 274 6222, 107.



Lesli | Kitchener-Waterloo RPL (Currently away on Parental Leave)

Lesli is a proud mother of 8 children; 4 by birth and 4 who grew in her heart. Lesli and her husband, Jeff, have been foster parents for over 15 years and she has spent more than 10yrs working in child and youth mental health. Her passion makes her a strong advocate for youth in and out of care. She is the co-founder and executive director of Wraparound families, which seeks to find families and support within communities for youth who are moving on to independent living or have aged out of foster care. Leslie's involvement in the First Nations community and her passion for helping families who have adopted First Nations children learn more about their child's heritage are of critical importance for her, including helping adoptive families connect with their First Nations community. Lesli is also a PRIDE co-facilitator and continuously attends training related to addictions, attachment, trauma, FASD, advanced facilitation and more.  

Lesli strongly encourages having a good support system, as she is very thankful for her church and aboriginal communities who have been a constant source of support for her family.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888 274 6222, 108.



Teresa | Central RPL 

Teresa is a single adoptive parent to one child adopted through Children's Aid. Her daughter came to her at the age of 5, initially as a place of safety and then as an adoptive placement.  Her daughter has special needs and multiple medical conditions, and as a result Teresa quickly learned to navigate and become a strong advocate in the medical, developmental, and education systems.

Teresa has a Bachelor of Nursing Science and is a Registered Nurse. She's spent the majority of her career working with children who have exceptional medical, developmental, and psychosocial needs, and she's highly involved with the special needs parenting community.  She has done some specific training and work with families caring for those at risk of, or infected with HIV and Hepatitis, and helped develop and facilitate a medical portion of PRIDE training.  She was also involved with the development and initiation of a FASD screening pilot project with Children's Aid.

Teresa's parents also fostered, she spent a number of months volunteering at an orphanage internationally, and professionally she has worked to support and advocate for the medical needs of children in care. She has learned about many of the challenges surrounding fostering and adoption from each of these different experiences and perspectives, and from this she developed a passion for supporting children and families who've had contact with the system and hopes to help them thrive on their journey.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888 274 6222, 115.

London Region


Heidi | London RPL

Heidi lives in London with her husband and is the adoptive mom of 2 children. Heidi’s family is a trans-racial, trans-cultural family grown through international adoption from South Africa. Heidi adopted her children, son in 2008 and daughter in 2014.

She has over 20 years of educational and professional experience including childhood & family relations, developmental services work and early childhood education. She has always had a focus on promoting inclusion and diversity, fostering empathy, increasing resilience, and developing secure connections.

Heidi is involved with the Families with Children Adopted from South Africa Parent Support Network and sits on the Networks Leadership Circle. She is committed to providing quality support and services to adoptive families through her role at Adopt4Life.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at1888 274 6222, 114.


Northern Region


Calvin | Northern Region RPL

Calvin is the father of two amazing boys, who joined his family through public adoption. He and his husband have also fostered close to twenty children. He describes his family as multi-racial, same-sex, blended, and filled with love and laughter.

Calvin has experience of both older-child and newborn adoption. He has fostered children with a range of behavioural and developmental needs, collaborating with community partners to help them reach their fullest potential. He has also fostered children of indigenous descent, working closely with First Nation communities and agencies.

Outside of Adopt4life, Calvin is a P.R.I.D.E trainer for his local CAS and the vice-president/advocate for the Foster Parents Association. He is an elementary school teacher and university instructor (Additional Qualification Courses) and has volunteered for many community organizations. He also has a particular interest in social justice, mental health and LGBTQ+ issues.

When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling with his family, spending time at camp, and supporting his sons in their various extracurricular activities. He is looking forward to working with Adopt4Life families, as the Northern Parent Liaison and supporting them on their individual journeys.

He can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at1888 274 6222, 116.


Miranda | Northern Region RPL

Miranda’s life changed quickly, going from zero to four kids, in one year, after she adopted two sibling groups from foster care, through the Children’s Aid Society and Dilico Anishinabek Family Care. Her youngest daughter is Indigenous and because of this connection, Miranda has been fostering Indigenous children for over 11 years and has openness with her adoptive and foster bio families. While they have officially adopted four children, Miranda and her husband parent 11 children, and Miranda is a proud “white Kokum” to two grandchildren—one of whom she is fostering.

Miranda has parented children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), complex trauma and development delays, as well as substance abuse, running away and addiction issues. She has experience with FASD diagnostics, Individualized Education Plans, psychiatric facilities, group homes, treatment facilities, neuro-psych assessments, psychoeducational assessments, medications, the justice system, and advocating for permanency relationships. She has also experienced a range of scenarios transitioning children into adulthood or adult care.

As well as attending Fetal Alcohol Support Information Network (FASIN) support meetings, Miranda represents FASIN on her public school board’s Special Education Advisory Committee. She has also volunteered with community groups for the past 5+ years, through the NorWest Health Center, which facilitates bringing in special training presentations on FASD to our community. She recently received her Mental Health Certificate for Teenagers and Mental Health Certificate for the Indigenous People.

To help keep their children connected to their identity and to better understand how to parent them, Miranda and her husband volunteer at a summer camp on a reserve up North, attended Pow Wows, and visit first family members on reserve. There have been some very difficult moments with openness, but also a lot of healing and restoration.

She can be reached at or by phone toll free at1888 274 6222, 117.

Ottawa Region


Joyce | Ottawa RPL

Joyce is both a biological and adoptive mother. She and her husband of 32 years, have five adopted children and one biological child. The children have been adopted through the local Children’s Aid Society, as well as through private adoption, and two of her children are kin adoptions. Her children range in age from 31 years of age, right down to 7. She and her husband know what it means to “adopt for life”! They have also fostered children and youth, in the past, and are still in relationship with their foster children (now adults).

Joyce is a Social Worker and has years of experience working with the Children’s Aid Society and more recently with the Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa. Joyce and her now, 30 year-year- old son, often speak at the CAS Pride panels and they have a passion for advocating for older adoptions. Joyce also has experience with open adoptions and realizes this type of adoption involves challenging, but rewarding experiences. She also has experience with Attachment issues and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder and Learning Disabilities, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She brings a myriad of experience both as an adoptive mother, foster mother and professional Social Worker.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888 274 6222, 105.


Lauri | Ottawa RPL

Lauri is Mother to two teenage sons and an eleven year old daughter who, at age two, travelled from Kazakhstan to join her new family.  

Lauri comes to us with a wealth of experience in policy, administration and in conflict resolution.  Among her previous work, she led management committees in the collective bargaining process, managed teams in the delivery of fair and equitable services to workers in the public and broader public sectors and was recognized for her ability to come up with mutually beneficial solutions in highly conflictual situations.  She has worked as a Negotiator, a Manager of Operations, Director of Human Resources and as an Executive Advisor.  She is certified in dispute resolution with the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation.

After twenty years in administration, Lauri returned to her studies where she focused on the role of family in increasing capacity and outcomes for children who suffer early trauma.  Her placement at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa was invaluable in giving her the practical knowledge she needs to be an effective and passionate advocate for children and their families.  Since completing her M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology, she has worked diligently to help families get what they need to be successful in their parenting journey by building community, creating relationships and advocating for families.  Lauri is also certified as a Triple P Group facilitator.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at 1888 274 6222, 104.



Shannon Parsons | Eastern RPL 

Shannon is a mother through both birth and adoption. Her eldest son is 22 and has recently upgraded her to the role of “Nana.” Her youngest son is 12 and joined her family at five months old, initially as a foster child. Shannon and her wife soon realized that their adoption journey would take interesting turns, as they stepped into the worlds of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety. They discovered their community severely lacking in professional and emotional supports, so they joined forces with other families and became founding members of the South Eastern Ontario FASD Parent Action Group. Fast forward to 2019, and Shannon is co-chair of this parent support group.

With 22 years of experience in the child development field, Shannon is passionate about her work as a registered early childhood educator. Immersed in the child-protection field, she advocates for clients and their children within the local Children’s Aid Society, school boards and community partner organizations. She is particularly invested in supporting the LGTBQ+ community, promoting self care among parents raising children with special needs, fostering cultural connections in First Nation adoptions, and ensuring access to mental health services.

Shannon can be reached by email at or by phone, toll-free, at 1-888-274-6222, 118.

Toronto Region


Jessica | Toronto RPL

Jessica is the adoptive mother of three beautiful children through the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. Jessica is very familiar with the domestic adoption process and post adoption issues. Jessica’s daughter has special needs and requires a lot of support within the medical and mental health community, as well as at school. As a result Jessica has learned to advocate and has gained a lot of experience with finding her daughter the resources and support she needs to thrive.

After Jessica adopted her children she became very involved with post adoption support. She has been matched with newly adoptive families to provide support and mentorship. She has also spoken to new and perspective parents on panels for the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto and the Adoption Council of Ontario which she finds very rewarding. As a Family Support Services Specialist with Shepell-fgi, she assessed the childcare or eldercare needs of various families in order to connect them with resources and services they needed. 

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free 1888 274 6222, 110.



Rebecca | Toronto RPL

Rebecca is the mother of two incredible teens; one joining their family as an infant, the other as a toddler (through Children’s Aid and privately). Each of her children have explored varying degrees of openness over the years.  Currently, Rebecca and her family foster babies awaiting adoption.  Twenty years ago, she and her husband fostered an older child, with whom they continue to enjoy a special connection.  Not having received the supports they needed early in the adoption process, Rebecca continues to advocate for adequate supports for her family and others on this journey. 

For over 25 years, Rebecca has worked exclusively in the nonprofit sector, passionately supporting and empowering marginalized people. She has a wealth of experience in the areas of special needs, inclusion for those with a disability, Gentle Teaching, trauma, attachment parenting, gender and sexual identity (LGBTQ2S+), mental health, multi-faith relations, developing family support systems, suicide awareness and prevention. She is President of two community boards, which involve her in diverse and complex community life. 

Rebecca is grounded by her faith and nurtures her family through strong support networks. She feels blessed to be able to help others build circles of support, allowing families to develop and maintain safe and meaningful relationships through supportive connections and with access to trauma informed services.

She can be reached by email at or by phone toll free 1888 274 6222, 109.

Marketing & Communications


Van | Marketing & Communications Designer

Van is a former Crown Ward and Kin-in-Care Caregiver to her siblings. As a creative with a background in not-for-profits and youth advocacy in Ontario, she is interested when design and creative can support communities and tell cross cultural narratives. Van is formerly of the YSDN design program at York University, Film Production Program at York University, and is an RGD.

She can be reached by email at